Happy birthday

Jenö Farkas, Denmark, 1985

53 min.DK/Documentary

Just an ordinary birthday in an ordinary Danish family consisting of father and mother and five children. The birthday is seen from the children's point of view, i.e. the same situation is seen from different ages from baby to teenager. The aim of the film is both to entertain and cast psychological light on children at different ages.
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Original title Happy birthday
Danish title Happy birthday
Keywords Birthsdays, Family life, Denmark, 1980-1989
Director Jenö Farkas
Screenplay Jenö Farkas, Jens Asbjørn Seehuusen
Director of Photography Lars Johansson, Jenö Farkas
Editor Jenö Farkas, Niels Pagh Andersen
Sound Steen Kyllesbæk Andersen
Composer Finn Verwohlt, Jacob Sæther, Jens Walther
Production designer Helle Harbou, Marie Pedersen, André Meszaros
Appearances Jacob Trägårdh, Dennis Vesterholm, Cecilie Gravesen, Jon Vesterholm
Production country Denmark
Production company Ole John Film
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
Danish theatrical release 13.12.1985
Cinemas Delta
TV release 04.08.1987, DR
Danish rating Allowed for all


Production company Ole John Film
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Jenö Farkas


Script Jenö Farkas
Script Jens Asbjørn Seehuusen


Cinematography Lars Johansson
Cinematography Jenö Farkas
Cinematographer Steen Dalin
Cinematographer Steen Veileborg


Editing Jenö Farkas
Editing Niels Pagh Andersen


Music Finn Verwohlt
Music Jacob Sæther
Music Jens Walther

Production design

Production design Helle Harbou
Production design Marie Pedersen
Production designer André Meszaros


Wardrobe Lissen Dirckinck-Holmfeld
Wardrobe Mai Holme Bulgin


Sound Steen Kyllesbæk Andersen


Animation Jakob Koch


Appearance Jacob Trägårdh
Appearance Dennis Vesterholm
Appearance Cecilie Gravesen
Appearance Jon Vesterholm
Appearance Jonas Kaas Jacobsen
Appearance Rita Baving
Appearance Gunnar Malmgård

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