Lars Johansson

(1949 – )

Born 1949. Graduate of the National Film School of Denmark, 1982. During the eighties he worked as a photographer on a number of Danish short films and documentaries.

Title Year Function Category
Madness of Many 2013 Shadow DK/Feature
Den tyske hemmelighed - en film om krig, kærlighed - og løgn 2005 Direction, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Seasons of Blood and Hope 2001 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Simona 1998 Direction, Script, Cinematography, Stills DK/Documentary
Højholt - en film af Lars Johansson 1997 Direction, Script, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Mellem lys og skygge 1996 Direction, Script, Cinematography DK/Experimental
Traveller's Tale 1993 Direction, Script, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Kontemplation 1992 Direction, Script DK/Experimental
Avra for Laura 1990 Direction DK/Short fiction
As Far As The Eye Can See - Danish Documentaries 1989 Appearance DK/Documentary
Once There Was a Forest 1989 Script DK/Documentary
Atlantic Rhapsody 1989 Cinematography DK/Feature
Poetry in the Mid 80's - a Registration 1989 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Anholt - stedet, rejsen 1988 Direction, Script, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Scene 37 - Optakten 1987 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
Røgdykker - 84. hold ved Københavns Brandvæsen 1985 Direction, Script, Cinematography DK/Documentary
Happy birthday 1985 Cinematography DK/Documentary
A-Hasard-Kasasard 1985 Camera assistant DK/Short fiction
Wonderful Copenhagen 1984 Cinematography, Appearance DK/Documentary
Corpus Kristi - og drømmen om fred 1983 Cinematography DK/Experimental
Manden der drømte at han vågnede 1982 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
Hævn 1982 Cinematography DK/Short fiction
Nocturne 1981 Camera assistant DK/Short fiction
Pictures of Youth 1980 Direction, Script, Cinematography DK/Documentary
M/S Mars af Ålborg 1980 Cinematography DK/Documentary