In light of the revolution: about women and art in Cairo

55 min.DK/Documentary

The Arab Spring strikes Egypt in 2011. Driven by empathy, satire and burning passion female artists take courage and their art becomes radical. In the film we meet eight women, musicians, visual artists, a photographer, a filmmaker and their art. In this period of time their art is more than just a matter of beauty. It is an active, critical voice in the public, where the military and the Muslim Brotherhood are struggling to set the agenda. Impressions and reflections are processed into artistic expression. Hope is maintained and the women encourage the audience to take a position.
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Original title I lyset af revolutionen: om kvinder og kunst i Kairo
Danish title I lyset af revolutionen: om kvinder og kunst i Kairo
Keywords Egypt, Political circumstances, Revolution, The Arab Spring, Women, Art
Director Lone Falster, Iben Haahr Andersen
Screenplay Lone Falster
Producer Anja Dalhoff
Director of Photography Iben Haahr Andersen
Editor Jørgen Kastrup
Production country Denmark, Egypt
Danish festival release 03.09.2015, Empire, Salaam Filmfestival


Production Danish Doc Production


Direction Lone Falster
Direction Iben Haahr Andersen


Screenplay Lone Falster


Producer Anja Dalhoff


Cinematographer Iben Haahr Andersen


Editor Jørgen Kastrup


Sound Iben Haahr Andersen

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