Illustrated man

Bent Staalhøj, Denmark, 1995

27 min.DK/Documentary

A modern video fairy-tale about the body as a canvas for tatooings in B/W and colours as if they had been painted by Rouault, El Greco and Picasso. A nightmarish dream and voyage towards a space ship and eternity. An escape away from the intense pain and into a lifelong change of identity which is the only thing about one's appearance chosen by oneself. A tale about overcoming one's prejudices.
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Original title Illustrated man
Danish title Illustrated man
Director Bent Staalhøj
Screenplay Bent Staalhøj
Director of Photography Bent Staalhøj
Editor Mark Julius Nielsen
Sound Bynke Maibøll, Kaare Breiner, Mark Julius Nielsen, Mark Julius Nielsen
Composer Povl Kristian, Peter Peter, Mark Nielsen
Production country Denmark
Production company DOK-Film, Det Danske Filmværksted


Production company DOK-Film, Det Danske Filmværksted


Direction Bent Staalhøj


Script Bent Staalhøj


Cinematography Bent Staalhøj


Editing Mark Julius Nielsen


Music Povl Kristian
Music Peter Peter
Music Mark Nielsen


Sound Bynke Maibøll
Sound Kaare Breiner
Sound Mark Julius Nielsen
Sound Mark Julius Nielsen

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