The House of Fatal Love

A.W. Sandberg, Denmark, 1920

11 min.DK/FeatureMelodramaSilent films

A curse by ancient spirits haunts the living in ‘The House of Fatal Love’. In spite of his young age, Count Eric Denton is very angry and jealous, which frightens his beautiful wife. Eric is to inherit a castle from his dying uncle. On his deathbed, the uncle tells Eric of the terrible misdeeds of their ancestors, which brought a curse upon the family. After a restless night, Eric wakes up to a true nightmare: he discovers his wife’s lifeless body. Could it be that she’s died by his own accursed hand?
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Original title Kærlighedsvalsen
Danish title Kærlighedsvalsen
International titles Kjærlighetsvalsen, Kärleksvalsen, El vals de amor, La valse d'amour, Wetterleuchten um Mitternacht
Other titles Borghjælm-Mysteriet
Director A.W. Sandberg
Screenplay A.W. Sandberg
Director of Photography Hans Waagø
Appearance Aage Fønss, Albrecht Schmidt, Clara Wieth, Svend Kornbeck
Production country Denmark
Technical info 1500 meter, 35 mm, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 12.01.1920
Cinemas Panoptikon
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Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni


Direction A.W. Sandberg


Script A.W. Sandberg


Cinematography Hans Waagø


Grev Erik Borghjælm Aage Fønss
Grev Gustav Borghjælm, Eriks fætter Albrecht Schmidt
Ninon, Eriks hustru Clara Wieth
Marcel, digter Svend Kornbeck
Hushovmesteren på Borghjelm Aage Hertel
Kusken på Borghjælm Peter Nielsen
Kroværten Bertel Krause
Appearance Frederik Jacobsen
Appearance Peter Jørgensen
Appearance Maggi Zinn

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