A.W. Sandberg

(1887 – 1938)

Title Year Function Category
The rat - a dangerous guest 1939 Other credits DK/Documentary
The Three Danish Radium Stations 1938 Executive producer DK/Documentary
The Vikings. Their Ancestors and Descendants 1937 Direction DK/Documentary
Til Danmark over de store Broer 1937 Direction DK/Documentary
Millionærdrengen 1936 Direction DK/Feature
Copenhagen, Gay and Vivacious 1934 Direction DK/Commercial
7-9-13 1934 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Fem raske Piger 1933 Direction DK/Feature
Le capitaine jaune 1931 Direction Feature
Revolutionshochzeit 1928 Direction Feature
Eheskandal im Hause Fromont jun. und Risler sen. 1928 Direction Feature
The Golden Clown 1926 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Oriental love 1926 Direction DK/Feature
Mists of The Past 1925 Direction DK/Feature
Little Dorrit 1924 Direction DK/Feature
The little Austrian 1924 Direction DK/Feature
Undercurrents 1924 Direction DK/Feature
My Friend the Detective 1924 Direction DK/Feature
Honeymoon Island 1924 Direction DK/Feature
The House of Shadows 1924 Direction DK/Feature
Struggling Hearts 1923 Direction DK/Feature
The Hill Park Mystery 1923 Direction, En filminstruktør DK/Feature
On the Stroke of Midnight 1923 Direction DK/Feature
The Lure of the Footlights 1923 Direction DK/Feature
The Island Virgin 1922 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Great expectations 1922 Direction DK/Feature
David Copperfield 1922 Direction DK/Feature
Die Benefiz-Vorstellung der vier Teufel 1921 Direction Feature
Our mutual friend I-II 1921 Direction DK/Feature
Mirrors of the Soul 1921 Direction DK/Feature
The House of Fatal Love 1920 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Adrift 1920 Direction, Script DK/Feature
A romance of riches 1920 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Hostile powers 1919 Direction, Cinematography DK/Feature
Kærlighedsleg 1919 Direction, Script DK/Feature
The sunshine children 1919 Direction DK/Feature
The Power of Love 1919 Direction, Script DK/Feature
En Kunstners Kærlighed 1918 Direction DK/Feature
Manden med Arret 1918 Direction, Script DK/Feature
De mystiske Fodspor 1918 Direction, Script DK/Feature
The gentleman chauffeur 1918 Script DK/Feature
Manden med de ni Fingre V 1917 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Expeditricen fra Østergade 1917 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Mellem de yderste Skær 1917 Direction DK/Feature
Den mystiske Tjener 1917 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Den Retfærdiges Hustru 1917 Direction, Script DK/Feature
The Clown 1917 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Manden med de ni Fingre IV 1916 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Hendes Fortid 1916 Direction DK/Feature
Proletardrengen 1916 Direction DK/Feature
Tragedy of the Sea 1916 Direction, Cinematography DK/Feature
Katastrofen i Kattegat 1916 Direction DK/Feature
A little Hero 1916 Direction, Script, Cinematography DK/Feature
The man with the missing finger, No 3 1916 Direction, Script DK/Feature
The unconscious hand 1916 Direction DK/Feature
Evelyn the beautiful 1916 Direction DK/Feature
The Missing Finger 1915 Direction DK/Feature
The stolen heiress 1915 Direction, Cinematography DK/Feature
The Grass Widow(er) 1915 Direction, Cinematography DK/Short fiction
His day's work 1915 Direction, Cinematography DK/Short fiction
Appetit og Kærlighed 1915 Direction, Cinematography DK/Short fiction
The Mysterious Flashlight 1915 Direction, Cinematography DK/Feature
Only a country girl 1915 Direction, Cinematography DK/Short fiction
A modern knight errant 1915 Direction, Cinematography DK/Short fiction
Dick as a Matchmaker 1915 Direction, Cinematography DK/Feature
Mandelist er vel behænde 1915 Direction DK/Short fiction
Down by the sea 1915 Direction, Cinematography DK/Feature
Manden med de ni Fingre II 1915 Direction, Script DK/Feature
The sweep will call to-morrow 1914 Direction, Cinematography DK/Short fiction
The Stolen Siege-Gun Plans 1914 Direction, Cinematography DK/Feature
Sealed Orders 1914 Stills DK/Feature
Den heldige Frier 1908 Appearance DK/Commercial
Oh! Those husbands Direction, Cinematography DK/Short fiction