The Golden Clown

A.W. Sandberg, Denmark, 1926

139 min.DK/FeatureDrama, MelodramaSilent films

The singing clown Joe Higgins (Ekman) travels around the small towns of France with Old Bunding (Féraudy) and his circus. Joe marries Bunding's daughter Daisy (Bell). Joe is hired by a top music-hall in Paris and becomes a great success. Soon, he spends all his time on his art, and Daisy is easy prey for an experienced seducer. Joe discovers their affair and, distraught, allows Daisy to leave with her lover. He soon abandons her when she discovers that she is having a child. Months later, she seeks out Joe in desperation, but instead meets her father, whose sense of honour compels him to drive her away, and she drowns herself in the Seine. Years later, Joe is about to go completely to the dogs when fortune reunites him with his and Daisy's daughter.
A full-blooded melodrama. This glossy remake of one of Valdemar Psilander's most successful films (1916, also directed by Sandberg) is a good example of the international quality films of the 1920s; it could have been made in any important film-producing country. Scenes shot on location in Paris blend seamlessly with scenes shot in Denmark. There are no national particularities here, only cinematic craftsmanship at the highest level, with superb performance from Ekman and the famous French stage actor Féraudy. Klovnen is Sandberg's best film and Nordisk's biggest hit of the 1920s.
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Original title Klovnen
Danish title Klovnen
International titles Der goldene Clown, Der tanzende Tor, La dernière grimace, Clownen
Other titles Klownen
Director A.W. Sandberg
Screenplay Poul Knudsen, A.W. Sandberg
Director of Photography Chresten Jørgensen, Einar Olsen
Production designer Carlo Jacobsen, Poul Kanneworff
Appearance Gösta Ekman, Maurice de Féraudy, Kate Fabian, Karina Bell
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Kinografen
Technical info 3125 meter, 35 mm, 1,33:1, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 30.10.1926
Cinemas Kinopalæet
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Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni
Domestic distribution Kinografen


Direction A.W. Sandberg


Script Poul Knudsen
Script A.W. Sandberg


Cinematography Chresten Jørgensen
Cinematography Einar Olsen

Production design

Production design Carlo Jacobsen
Production design Poul Kanneworff


Joe Higgins, klovnen Gösta Ekman
Cirkusdirektør James Bunding Maurice de Féraudy
Graciella, Bundings kone Kate Fabian
Daisy, Bundings datter Karina Bell
Marcel Philippe Robert Schmidt
Pierre Beaumont Erik Bertner
Lilian Delorme, forførerisk pariserinde Edmunde Guy
Appearance Peter Nielsen
Appearance Ernest van Düren
Appearance Henry Seemann
Appearance Philip Bech
Appearance Holger Pedersen
Klovn Sigurd Langberg
Appearance Karen Caspersen
Appearance Mathilde Nielsen
Appearance Jacoba Jessen

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