My Friend the Detective

A.W. Sandberg, Denmark, 1924

103 min.DK/FeatureDrama, Detective movies, ComedySilent films

You can use literature in many ways, but not necessarily to solve a murder! That’s what the avid reader of detective novels, Astrid, will realise when she tries to imitate her novel heroes in a creepy murder mystery on the otherwise peaceful estate of Rømersholm. Although her skills as a private detective fall short, she still learns a lot from her attempts. Such as that a charming policeman can be as good as any Sherlock Holmes, both in crime and in love.

My Friend the Detective is based on a short story by Jens Anker. The production of the film was expensive, and the Danish references from that time seem to indicate that it was a success. One journalist writes about the film’s premiere in Stockholm, stating it “was such a success that it has now been running for months.”
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Original title Min Ven Privatdetektiven
Danish title Min Ven Privatdetektiven
International titles Fräulein Sherlock Holmes, Mon amie, le détective privé, Gåtan på Römersholm
Director A.W. Sandberg
Screenplay Sam Ask
Based on Efter en novelle af Jens Anker (Robert Hansen).
Director of Photography Einar Olsen, Chresten Jørgensen
Production designer Carlo Jacobsen
Appearance Philip Bech, Ebba Thomsen, Edith Schou, Einar Forchhammer
Production country Denmark
Technical info 2405 meter, 35 mm, 1,33:1, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 07.04.1924
Cinemas Det lille Teater
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Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni


Direction A.W. Sandberg


Script Sam Ask


Cinematography Einar Olsen
Cinematography Chresten Jørgensen

Production design

Production design Carlo Jacobsen


Jægermester Rømer til Rømersholm Philip Bech
Elisa, jægermesterens hustru Ebba Thomsen
Birthe, jægermesterens datter Edith Schou
Sognefoged Jens Andersen Einar Forchhammer
Astrid, sognefogedens datter Karina Bell
Arne Falk, herredsfuldmægtig Gunnar Tolnæs
Anders Hytting, landbrugselev Aage Fønss
Julius Worm, musiker Peter Malberg
Appearance Torben Meyer
Appearance Henry Nielsen

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