Kristian Håskjold, Denmark, 2019

78 min.TV series

Twenty-eight-year-old Oliver spends his time studying, hanging out with friends, and trying to charm his new girlfriend, Signe, when he finds out that his lower-back pain is actually testicular cancer. Rapidly shifting from mindless living to becoming a hospital regular, chemotherapy sets him on a path of introspection. Welcome distraction, if minimal nurturing, comes via his best friend, his father, and fellow patient Eva, who is facing her own diagnosis with flair. Oliver struggles between maintaining his happy-go-lucky toehold in the life he shaped for himself and honing in on what will ultimately be best for him in the world he has been thrust into.
Basic information Credits
Original title Kemohjerne
Danish title Kemohjerne
Director Kristian Håskjold
Screenplay Johan Wang, Kristian Håskjold
Producer Nadja Nørgaard Kristensen
Director of Photography Jesper Duelund
Editor Emil Gundersen
Sound Christian Scheuer, Eddie Simonsen, Tobias Lukassen, Kevin Bavnhøj
Composer Eddie Simonsen, Tobias Lukassen, Kevin Bavnhøj
Production designer Eva Lendorph
Appearance Adam Ild Rohweder, Stephanie Nguyen, Mads Reuter, Jens Jørn Spottag
Production country Denmark
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Production company Splay One DK, TV2 Danmark


Direction Kristian Håskjold


Screenplay Johan Wang
Screenplay Kristian Håskjold


Producer Nadja Nørgaard Kristensen
Unit manager Jesper Tønnes
Executive producer Niels Lindberg
Executive producer Nanna Nyboe Tabor
Production director Emil Mikkelsen
Post-production supervisor Fanni Liv Engelbrecht
Post-producton coordinator Lisa Marie Jakobsen
Post-producton coordinator Charlotte Werdelin


Cinematographer Jesper Duelund
First assistant camera Daniel Dynes Dinesen


Still photographer Yannick Wolff


Editor Emil Gundersen
Assistant editor Sune Schandorff
Assistant editor Helene Nersting
Assistant editor Nils Zidore


Composer Eddie Simonsen
Composer Tobias Lukassen
Composer Kevin Bavnhøj

Production design

Production designer Eva Lendorph
Property master Thilde Ammitzbøll
Set decorator Veronika Maria Bach


Stylist Camilla Norbjerg
SFX makeup Thomas Foldberg


Sound engineer Christian Scheuer
Sound designer Eddie Simonsen
Sound designer Tobias Lukassen
Sound designer Kevin Bavnhøj

Visual effects

Colourist Virgil Kastrup
Graphic design Virgil Kastrup


Oliver Adam Ild Rohweder
Signe Stephanie Nguyen
Emil Mads Reuter
Far Jens Jørn Spottag
Eva Karoline Brygmann
Læge Ditte Gråbøl
Sygeplejerske Mathilde Passer
Kirurg Birgitte Raaberg
Karl Rasmus Flensborg
Ældre mand Claus Flygare
Narkoselæge Peter Bo Hansen
Porter Mikkel Vestergaard

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