Kloden rokker

John Menzer, Denmark, 1978

88 min.DK/Documentary

In 1977, the Roskilde International Rock Festival was in its 8th year and recorded 33.000 admissions (in 1995, the count had gone up to 90.000). It was deemed time to capture the event on film. To make things work a bit differently from other rock fest documentaries, an accent was put on the behind-the-scenes work of the roadies. The Chieftains are in evidence, otherwise Danish rock groups dominate.
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Original title Kloden rokker
Danish title Kloden rokker
Director John Menzer
Screenplay John Menzer
Director of Photography Simon Plum, Henrik Herbert, Freddy Tornberg, Andreas Fischer-Hansen, Dirk Brüel
Editor Lars Brydesen, Lars Brydesen
Sound Niels Arild, Mikkel Bo, Søren Tom-Petersen, Niels Torp-Jensen, Morten Bøttzauw
Composer Stig Kreutzfeldt
Appearances Frydder, Starfuckers, Kim Larsen, Troels Trier
Production country Denmark
Production company Film & Lyd ApS
Technical info 35 mm, Widescreen, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 27.03.1978
Cinemas Cinema 1-5


Production company Film & Lyd ApS


Direction John Menzer
Assistant director Preben Feddersen
Assistant director Hanne Fokdal
Assistant director Ebbe Nyvold
Assistant director Rumle Hammerich


Script John Menzer


Production Ebbe Preisler


Cinematography Simon Plum
Cinematography Henrik Herbert
Cinematography Freddy Tornberg
Cinematography Andreas Fischer-Hansen
Cinematography Dirk Brüel
Camera assistant Dan Laustsen
Camera assistant Morten Bruus
Camera assistant Bo Riemer
Camera assistant Jimmy Andreasen


Still photographer Susanne Mertz
Still photographer Harold Ryan
Still photographer Gorm Valentin


Editing Lars Brydesen
Editing Lars Brydesen
Film mixer Mikkel Bo


Music Stig Kreutzfeldt


Sound Niels Arild
Sound Mikkel Bo
Sound Søren Tom-Petersen
Sound Niels Torp-Jensen
Sound Morten Bøttzauw
Sound mixer Mikkel Bo


Appearance Frydder
Appearance Starfuckers
Appearance Kim Larsen
Appearance Troels Trier
Appearance C.V. Jørgensen
Appearance The Chieftains
Appearance Birds of Beauty
Appearance Lone Kellermann
Appearance Jack Bruce Band
Appearance Skousen-Ingemann
Appearance Stig Møller Band
Appearance Stig Møller
Appearance Culpeppers Orchard
Appearance Tom McEwan
Appearance Tania Maria
Appearance Gnags
Appearance Clausen & Petersen
Appearance Billedstofteatret
Appearance Roskilde Folkedansere

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