Cathedrals of Culture: The Berlin Philharmonic

Wim Wenders, Germany, 2014

26 min.Documentary

In the early sixties, two neighboring constructions, the Berlin Philharmonic and the Berlin Wall, offered competing visions of the future: one of inclusion and possibility, the other of exclusion and fear. Half a century later, it is Hans Scharoun's legendary Philharmonic that remains standing. In the heart of Berlin's cultural center, Potsdamer Platz, the Philharmonic offers a breathtaking icon of modernity and idealism. In Wim Wender's "The Berlin Philharmonic", we come to know the building through the eyes of several of its occupants, who each have a profound connection to the space. We eavesdrop on orchestra rehearsals in the central concert hall, where Scharoun radically reimagined the stage, daring to place it in the middle of the auditorium. Throughout the film, Debussy's "Jeux" serves as a fitting soundtrack to the Philharmonic's exquisite design.
Basic information Credits
Original title Cathedrals of Culture: The Berlin Philharmonic
Danish title Kulturkatedraler: Berliner Philharmonien
Director Wim Wenders
Screenplay Wim Wenders
Producer Erwin M. Schmidt, Gian-Piero Ringel
Director of Photography Christian Rein
Editor Toni Froschhammer
Production country Germany
Dialogue language English,Tysk
Danish festival release 29.03.2014, DR Byen, Copenhagen Architecture Festival 2014
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Neue Road Movies


Direction Wim Wenders


Script Wim Wenders


Producer Erwin M. Schmidt
Producer Gian-Piero Ringel


Director of Photography Christian Rein
Director of Stereography Joséphine Derobe


Stills Christian Rein


Editing Toni Froschhammer

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