Wim Wenders

(1945 – )

Title Year Function Category
Perfect Days 2024 Direction
Pope Francis: A Man of His Word 2018 Direction Documentary
Submergence 2017 Direction Feature
Cathedrals Of Culture 2014 Direction DK/Documentary
The Berlin Philharmonic 2014 Direction, Script Documentary
The Salt of the Earth 2014 Direction, Appearance, Stills Documentary
Harry Dean Stanton: Partly fiction 2012 Appearance Documentary
Pina 2011 Direction, Script, Producer Documentary
Mondo lux 2011 Appearance Documentary
Don't Come Knocking 2005 Direction Feature
Land of Plenty 2004 Direction, Script Feature
The Million Dollar Hotel 2000 Direction, Production Feature
Buena Vista Social Club 1999 Direction, Script Documentary
The End of Violence 1997 Direction, Script, Producer Feature
Par-delà les nuages 1995 Direction, Script Feature
Die Gebrüder Skladanowsky 1995 Direction, Script Feature
In weiter Ferne, so nah! 1993 Direction, Script, Producer Feature
Bis ans Ende der Welt 1991 Direction, Script Feature
Aufzeichnungen zu Kleidern und Städten 1989 Direction, Appearance, Script, Production Documentary
Der Himmel über Berlin 1987 Direction, Script, Producer Feature
Tokyo-Ga 1985 Direction, Script, Editing Documentary
Paris, Texas 1984 Direction Feature
Hammett 1982 Direction Feature
The State of Things 1982 Direction, Script Feature
Chambre 666 1982 Direction, Script TV documentary
Lightning Over Water 1980 Direction, Appearance Feature
Der amerikanische Freund 1977 Direction, Script, Production Feature
Im Lauf der Zeit 1976 Direction, Script, Production Feature
Alice in den Städten 1973 Direction Feature
Der scharlachrote Buchstabe 1973 Direction Feature
Die Angst des Tormanns beim Elfmeter 1971 Direction, Script Feature