Lili Gets Angry

Siri Melchior, Denmark, 2015

3 min.DK/Short fictionChildren's films, Animation

Lili gets angry. Lili is a dog today, she can bark and wag her tail and she is hungry! In the kitchen she finds food, but Bow-wow won't share. And when it comes to fighting for your right, well, then Lili is in her element. But it's not nice not being angry. It's much better making friends again. Lili is a series about being 3 years old.
Basic information Credits
Original title Lili bliver vred
Danish title Lili bliver vred
Other titles Lili
Part of Lili
Keywords Anger, Dogs, Friends
Director Siri Melchior
Screenplay Kim Fupz Aakeson
Based on Baseret på Kim Fupz Aakesons bøger om den 3-årige pige Lili.
Producer Marie Bro
Editor Stine Kjær Hansen
Composer Tanera Dawkins
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
Online release 15.01.2016
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Dansk Tegnefilm
Co-production Ladybird Films


Direction Siri Melchior
Director: animation Mark Nute


Screenplay Kim Fupz Aakeson


Producer Marie Bro
Production assistant Tanja Nielsen
IT-support Johs Aarup
IT-support Per Olsen
IT-support Mike Murphy


Editor Stine Kjær Hansen


Composer Tanera Dawkins


Sound Niels Arild


Voice Amanda Ross

Visual effects

Mastering Lars W. Sørensen


Character design Siri Melchior
Background designer Siri Melchior
Animation Asta Sigurdardóttir
Animation Dennis Sisterson
Animation Robin Deller
Rigger Mark Nute
Scenes planning Mark Nute

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