Malek Means Angel

Lea Hjort Mathiesen, Denmark, 2014

28 min.DK/Documentary

With the smile of an angel and the will of a warrior, Malek is far from an average 11-year-old girl. Striving to one day become a professional fencer, she spends every day training alongside her best friend Yassmine in a working class neighbourhood in Tunis. Malek and Yassmine are training intensively to take the top medals in an upcoming fencing competition. When the day finally arises, Malek's strength and dreams are put to the test. An intimate coming-of-age story, the film captures the life of a young Muslim girl who allows for herself to feel and to fight.
Basic information Credits
Original title Malek Means Angel
Danish title Malek Means Angel
Keywords Hannachi, Malek, Sport, Fencing, Girls, Identity, Childhood, Tunisia, Tunis
Director Lea Hjort Mathiesen
Producer Lea Hjort Mathiesen
Director of Photography Lea Hjort Mathiesen
Editor Lea Hjort Mathiesen
Sound Oskar Skriver, Thomas Arent
Appearance Malek Hannachi, Yassmine Ayari
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Danske Filmskole
International sales The National Film School of Denmark
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Production company Den Danske Filmskole
Domestic distribution Danske Filmskole


Direction Lea Hjort Mathiesen


Producer Lea Hjort Mathiesen


Cinematographer Lea Hjort Mathiesen


Editor Lea Hjort Mathiesen


Music Mikkel Juul Jensen
Music Kamilla Kovacs
Music Frederik Valentin


Sound designer Oskar Skriver
Sound designer Thomas Arent
Sound mixer Oskar Skriver


Appearance Malek Hannachi
Appearance Yassmine Ayari

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