Two people

Carl Th. Dreyer, Sweden, 1945

74 min.Feature

Dr. Arne Lundell, a brilliant young assistant in a mental hospital, is accused of plagiarising his thesis from a work published simultaneously by his superior, Professor Zander. The film proper begins with the return of LUndell's wife, Marianne, to their flat. Finding her husband in a state of uncomprehending despair, she does her best to console him. Then they hear on a radio news bulletin the report of Zander's death by suicide; and later (...) that the suicide is in fact murder and that Lundell may be accused since he is known to have threatened Zander. Gradually the true story is told between husband and wife after he discovers (a letter pushed under the door) that she had formerly been Zander's mistress. It transpires that Zander had threatened to wreck her marriage unless Marianne secretly passed him her husband's thesis, which she did, chapter by chapter as it was written; and had then proposed to wreck Lundell's career unless Marianne divorced her husband and came to him, whereupon she shot him. Moved by these revelations, Lundell urges Marianne to make her escape abroad while he stays to shoulder the blame; but she poisons herself, and he chooses to die with her. (Excerpt from "The Cinema of Carl Dreyer" by Tom Milne, published 1971).
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Original title Två människor
Danish title To Mennesker
Director Carl Th. Dreyer
Screenplay Carl Th. Dreyer, Edvin Martin
Based on Efter Willy Oskar Somins stykke "Attentat".
Director of Photography Gunnar Fischer
Editor Carl Th. Dreyer, Edvin Hammarberg
Sound Lennart Svensson
Composer Lars-Erik Larsson
Production designer Nils Svenwall
Appearances Georg Rydeberg, Wanda Rothgardt, Gabriel Alw, Stig Olin
Production country Sweden
Production company Svensk Filmindustri
Technical info 2015 meter, 35 mm, 1,37:1 Academy, Black/white, Petersen & Poulsen
TV release 18.03.1996, Vist i serie Carl Th. Dreyer


Production company Svensk Filmindustri


Direction Carl Th. Dreyer
Continuity Uno Remitz


Script Carl Th. Dreyer
Script Edvin Martin
Swedish dialogue Herbert Grevenius


Production manager Harald Molander
Production manager Victor Sjöström
Unit manager Hugo Bolander


Cinematography Gunnar Fischer
First assistant camera Ragnar Frisk


Stills Louis Huch


Editing Carl Th. Dreyer
Editing Edvin Hammarberg


Music Lars-Erik Larsson
Conductor Erik Tuxen

Production design

Production design Nils Svenwall


Makeup Carl M. Lundh


Sound Lennart Svensson
B-sound designer Tore Ljungberg
B-sound designer Erik Tuxen
B-sound designer Sven Rudestedt


Arne Lundell, forsker Georg Rydeberg
Marianne Lundell, Arnes hustru Wanda Rothgardt
Sander, professor, Arnes chef Gabriel Alw
Svenning, Arnes ven Stig Olin

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