Mouse & Crane

Trine Laier, Denmark

Interactive projects

The three good, but very different friends, Mouse, Crane & Electryna reside in the not-so-ordinary harbour inhabited with tool loving creatures like the Scrapman, the Wind Angels, the Plastic Zombies and the Bobcat Gang. In every episode, the three friends are in search of new cool ingenious tools they can use to repair and build new exciting constructions for the benefit of the harbour and for Mouse's on-going project of building space equipment that will bring him back home to outer space where he claims to come from.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Mus & Kran
Danish title Mus & Kran
Director Trine Laier
Screenplay Tommy Oksen
Producer Marie Bro
Editor Joachim Andreas Lorck-Schierning
Sound Anne Gry Kristensen
Composer Bjørn Svin
Production country Denmark


Production Those Eyes


Direction Trine Laier


Screenplay Tommy Oksen
Dramaturge Trine Breum
Storyboard Michael Bech Hussein
Storyboard consultant Mads Juul


Producer Marie Bro


Editor Joachim Andreas Lorck-Schierning


Composer Bjørn Svin

Production design

Art director Mette Ussing


Sound Joachim Andreas Lorck-Schierning
Sound engineer Anne Gry Kristensen

Visual effects

Pipeline Jannik Faarvang Petersen
Pipeline Naja Marckwardt


Rigger Jon Vinther
Model artist Jon Vinther
Animation Michael Bech Hussein
Animation Cathrine Beyer

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