School for Divers

Mogens Skot-Hansen, Denmark, 1944

11 min.DK/Documentary

The training of young divers is one of the many tasks of the Danish armed forces. In a series of submarine pictures we follow the diver's work, and gain an idea of his dangerous but essential occupation.
Basic information Credits
Original title Paa Dykkerskole
Danish title Paa Dykkerskole
Keywords Diving, Defence Command, Diving operations, 1940-1949
Director Mogens Skot-Hansen
Screenplay Eigil Wern
Director of Photography Arne Jensen
Sound Knud Hjortø
Composer Erik Fiehn
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
Technical info 300 meter, Black/white, Petersen & Poulsen
Danish theatrical release 03.04.1944
Cinemas Palladium sammen med "De tre skolekammerater"
Find more Information, 2. august 1949.
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Production company Teknisk Film Compagni
Executive Producer Ministeriernes Filmudvalg
Commissioned by Folk og Værn, Forsvarsministerens Foredragsudvalg, Værnenes Oplysningskontor, Ministeriernes Filmudvalg
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Mogens Skot-Hansen


Script Eigil Wern


Cinematography Arne Jensen


Music Erik Fiehn


Sound Knud Hjortø

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