Peter Pix

Trine Heller Jensen, Denmark, 2013

15 min.TV seriesChildren's films, Animation

On the surface Peter Pix is an anonymous man, but on his home turf he fights deadly battles in order to make it a peaceful home. 12 imaginative and wonderful short films about very recognizable everyday situations that develop, because all the things in Peter Pix' home have their own lives. They move around, creating unexpected and even absurd situations. They get offended and jealous. They bully Peter Pix and they revenge themselves if offended. They are all part of his humorously annoying and dysfunctional family. It is in this dangerous and unpredictable home Peter Pix encounter life's challenges...
The 12 films in the series, each 1-2 minutes long, are: The Shoes, The Alarm Clock, The Cardboard Box, The Cake, The Tablecloth, The Violin, The Car, The Pillow Fight, The Penguin, The Present, The Egg, and The Love Letter.
Basic information Credits
Original title Peter Pix (Oversigt)
Danish title Peter Pix (Oversigt)
Other titles The Shoes, The Alarm Clock, The Cardboard Box, The Cake, The Tablecloth, The Violin, The Car, The Pillow fight, The Penguin, The Present, The Egg, The Love Letter
Included titles Peter Pix - Skoen
Peter Pix: The Car
Peter Pix: The Tablecloth
Peter Pix: Gaven
Peter Pix: Kagen
Peter Pix: The Love Letter
Peter Pix: The Cardboard Box
Peter Pix: The Penguin
Peter Pix: The Pillow Fight
Peter Pix: The Alarm Clock
Peter Pix: The Egg
Peter Pix: The Violin
Director Trine Heller Jensen
Screenplay Trine Heller Jensen, Jens Kløft
Producer Nina Lyng, Eva Juel Hammerich
Director of Photography Lars Beyer
Editor Trine Heller Jensen, Rikke Selin Fokdal
Sound Asser Borgen
Composer Jacob Tesch
Production designer Anja Wessel
Appearance Ernesto Piga Carbone
Production country Denmark
International sales Nepenthe Film ApS
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
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Production company Nepenthe Film
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Trine Heller Jensen


Screenplay Trine Heller Jensen
Screenplay Jens Kløft
Storyboard Rasmus Møller


Producer Nina Lyng
Producer Eva Juel Hammerich
Production assistant Anna Campins Hansen
Production assistant Daniel Mühlendorph
Runner Kurt Nielsen
Runner Julius Mygind
Runner Mathias Asger Rasmussen


Cinematographer Lars Beyer

Electrical dept.

Best boy Alex Suhr
Best boy Alex Suhr
Best boy Andreas Engel


Editor Trine Heller Jensen
Editor Rikke Selin Fokdal


Music Jacob Tesch

Production design

Production designer Anja Wessel
Property master Rasmus Koch
Set dresser Thomas Greve


Stylist Kenny Aleksandr


Sound designer Asser Borgen


Post animation Trine Heller Jensen
Animation Rie Nymand
Effect animation Rasmus Møbius


Peter Pix Ernesto Piga Carbone

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