Pisk eller gulerod (oversigt)

159 min.TV documentary

The professional level of Primary Schools in Denmark needs raising in order for Denmark to maintain and leverage on its position in a fast-moving and competitive global-economy. Here there is broad consensus.
How we achieve this, is much less clear and the subject of considerable debate.
Experts, teachers, head-teachers, and parents have argued over years, and in general terms, these may be divided in two trains of thought:
Those who believe that more discipline is required, and that stronger class management, and a tighter consequence pedagogy are the way to more skilled students. And those who believe that increased student involvement, visible-learning and motivational-teaching are the way to go if students are to become more capable.

In four documentary programs we investigate whether Carrot or Stick is needed in the Danish Primary School.
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Original title Pisk eller gulerod (oversigt)
Danish title Pisk eller gulerod (oversigt)
Keywords Denmark, Elementary school, Schools, Gyvelhøjskolen, Schoolteachers, Teaching, Pupils, Learning
Director Dennis Kragelund, Lotte Sørensen, Sofie Maria Ahlgren
Producer Lars Høj
Director of Photography Solveig Lydiksen, Kristian Friis, Peter Nejsig, Johnny Bondo, Martin Sønderby, Dennis Kragelund, Sarah Ø. Würtz, Martin Binnerup, Kristian V. Brøndum
Editor Paw Lindegaard, Solveig Lydiksen, Christian Dalsgaard
Appearances Bjarke Stender
Production country Denmark


Production Dokumentarkompagniet ApS
With support from Public Service Puljen, TV2


Direction Dennis Kragelund
Direction Lotte Sørensen
Direction Sofie Maria Ahlgren
Continuity Line Lauritsen
Continuity Kristoffer Fuglsang
Continuity Mads Smidstrup
Continuity Mia Thylkjær
Continuity Gitte Grøn Jensen


Producer Lars Høj
Production manager Kathrine Fuglsang
Production assistant Kristian Svendsen
Production assistant Mia Forsberg


Cinematographer Solveig Lydiksen
Cinematographer Kristian Friis
Cinematographer Peter Nejsig
Cinematographer Johnny Bondo
Cinematographer Martin Sønderby
Cinematographer Dennis Kragelund
Cinematographer Sarah Ø. Würtz
Cinematographer Martin Binnerup
Cinematographer Kristian V. Brøndum
Drone operator Jens Hartvig


Editor Paw Lindegaard
Editor Solveig Lydiksen
Editor Christian Dalsgaard


Sound mixer Ole Grønbæk

Visual effects

Colourist Hans D. Olesen


Speak Bjarke Stender

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