Pieces of Rebecca

Grit Tind Mikkelsen, Denmark, 2020

69 min.DK/Documentary

A passionate and young female entrepreneur struggles to find a balance between her profession and who she is. The entrepreneur Rebecca Vera Stahnke has broken off all contact with the established fashion industry, and is now focusing all her efforts on the new concept Veras. From the hopeful beginnings in empty storefronts to the harsh tone of board meetings, Rebecca fights on all fronts for a space that is hers. In a reality where tonnes of clothing and highly-strung confrontation is a part of everyday life, Rebecca's biggest challenge is ultimately herself. The film follows the personal journey of a young entrepreneur's first years, but is above all a human tale of Rebecca herself – the woman behind the phenomenon Veras.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Rebeccas rum
Danish title Rebeccas rum
Director Grit Tind Mikkelsen
Producer Puk Lodahl Eisenhardt
Director of Photography Grit Tind Mikkelsen, Mathias Revez, Maggie Olkuska, Thomas Labourasse
Editor Anna Heide
Sound Simon Erdmann
Composer Ida Duelund Hansen
Appearances Rebecca Vera Stahnke
Production country Denmark


Executive Producer GotFat Productions, Grits Film
With support from Filmværkstedet / DFI, DR, Danske Filminstruktører, Dansk Journalistforbund


Direction Grit Tind Mikkelsen
Consultant Phie Ambo


Producer Puk Lodahl Eisenhardt
Executive producer Thor Hampus Bank
Executive producer Emil Johnsen
Producer's assistant Selma Jusufbegovic
Producer's assistant Mia My Elise Pedersen


Cinematographer Grit Tind Mikkelsen
Cinematographer Mathias Revez
Cinematographer Maggie Olkuska
Cinematographer Thomas Labourasse


Still photographer Sarah Buthmann


Editor Anna Heide


Composer Ida Duelund Hansen
Co-composer Lasse Aagaard


Sound designer Simon Erdmann
Assistant Pelle D. Johansen

Visual effects

Colourist Jian Zhi Zhang
Online Anders Bonde
Online Emil Reedtz Poulsen
Graphic design Mark Vesterlund


Appearance Rebecca Vera Stahnke

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