The Reward - Tales of Alethrion

24 min.DK/Short fiction

Alethrion, dragon slayer meets the travelling beauty Amerath. Their journey is guided by a treasure map and jampacked
with danger and adventures. When they eventually settle in a hip otherworldly place, Alethrion¿s mere love
of money overturns the romance¿ He hits the road again, now on a route towards self-delusion and destruction, fighting Gods to fill his insatiable greed and also himself.
Basic information Credits
Original title The Reward - Tales of Alethrion
Danish title The Reward - Tales of Alethrion
Keywords Greed, Treasure hunt, Love
Director Kenneth Ladekjær, Mikkel Mainz Elkjær
Producer Bo Juhl Nielsen, Charlotte de La Gournerie
Editor Bo Juhl Nielsen
Sound Thomas Richard Christensen
Production country Denmark
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Production company Sun Creature Studio
With support from New Danish Screen, Den Vestdanske Filmpulje, Animationssammenslutningen, ANIS, The Animation Workshop


Direction Kenneth Ladekjær
Direction Mikkel Mainz Elkjær


Story Bo Juhl Nielsen
Story Kenneth Ladekjær
Story Mikkel Mainz Elkjær
Concept Bo Juhl Nielsen
Concept Kenneth Ladekjær
Concept Mikkel Mainz Elkjær
Storyboard Kenneth Ladekjær
Script consultant Mikkel Bak Sørensen
Script consultant Jericca Cleland


Producer Bo Juhl Nielsen
Producer Charlotte de La Gournerie
Production manager Charlotte de La Gournerie


Editor Bo Juhl Nielsen


Sound designer Thomas Richard Christensen
Sound effects Witold Stocki


Alethrion Mathias Winum
Amerath Ellen Holck
Gudestemmer Robert Bennett
Heltestemme Mikkel Mainz Elkjær

Visual effects

Lead compositing Adrian Walt
Compositing Martin Sand Vallespir


Art director Kenneth Ladekjær
Art director Mikkel Mainz Elkjær
Character design Kenneth Ladekjær
Character design Glenn August
Lead animator Kenneth Ladekjær
Animation Mikkel Mainz Elkjær
Animation Thibaud Petitpas
Animation Ole Christian Løken
Animation Mark Kjærgaard
Lead background artist Simon Lee Bresling
Background designer Martin Sand Vallespir
Addditional animation Christoffer Elsborg Kramme
Addditional animation Maria Henriksen
Addditional animation Stine Sæthre
Character design Jonas Andreassen
Character design Jorge Noriega
Character design Tor Christian Engdal

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