Ubekendt, Denmark, 1906

DK/Short fictionSilent films

A man meets his mistress, and they are both observed by a gossip; she hurries to the man's wife and tells her what she has seen. With the help of the gossip the wife challenges the mistress to a duel. The man is informed about the duel by a letter from his wife. When he arrives at the duel, the mistress has just killed his wife. In despair he rejects his mistress who then shoots him down in cold blood before shooting herself. (Bo Berglund, in Nordic Explorations, ed. Fullerton & Olsson, 1999)
Except for Fiskerliv i Norden, this is the earliest extant Nordisk film. It was identified in 1998 by Bo Berglund. His study of contemporary programmes and plot synopses revealed, he writes, "how prominent the use of firearms and violence is in the Nordisk films of 1906 and 1907; they abound in duels, violent killings, suicides, shoot-outs, and executions, so Rivalindinder is far from the only instance." It is also one of a considerable number of Danish films featuring energetic female protagonists who - in striking fashion - take matters into their own hands.
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Original title Rivalinder
Danish title Rivalinder
Director Ubekendt
Production country Denmark
Production companies Nordisk Films Kompagni
Technical info 120 meter, 35 mm, Silent


Production companies Nordisk Films Kompagni


Direction Ubekendt

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