Shaped by Danish Hands

Hagen Hasselbalch, Denmark, 1947

12 min.DK/Documentary

The purpose of this film is to give other countries some idea of applied art in Denmark. It touches on the porcelain industry, giving shots of some Danish contemporary ceramists and their work. An impression is also given of Danish furniture, and we are introduced to six or seven furniture architects and their work. Finally, we see some of the artists who work in precious metals, with some of their finest work. Silverware from Kay Bojesen, Georg Jensen and A. Michelsen are displayed.
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Original title Shaped by Danish Hands
Danish title Skabt af danske Hænder
International titles Formé par des mains danoises, Obra de artesania danesa, Schöpfungen dänisher Hände
Other titles Skabt af danske Hænder, Kunstindustri skabt af hænder
Keywords Arts and crafts, Craftsmen, Pottery, The art of furniture making, Porcelain, Silver, Silversmith's craft, 1940-1949
Director Hagen Hasselbalch
Screenplay Hagen Hasselbalch
Director of Photography Erik Thielst
Composer Leif Kayser
Production country Denmark
Production company Minerva Film
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral
Technical info 462 meter, 35 mm, Black/white, Sound


Production company Minerva Film
Commissioned by Ministeriernes Filmudvalg
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral


Direction Hagen Hasselbalch


Script Hagen Hasselbalch


Cinematography Erik Thielst


Music Leif Kayser
Conductor Erik Tuxen


da. version Stig Mervild
eng. version Clive Bayliss
fr. version Therése Camos
Voiceover Axel Salto

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