Sun shine

Alice de Champfleury, Denmark, 2009

29 min.DK/Short fiction

Summer. Nadja, 13 years old, is killing time, eating ice cream and lying on the beach where she becomes fascinated by a model family that she begins to follow and spy on. She meets Eskild a boy her own age, drifting around on his bike alone, who becomes attracted to her. Nadja makes Eskild an accomplice to her voyeurism, which gradually escalates, when she tells him that the man in the family is her father.
Basic information Credits
Original title Sol skin
Danish title Sol skin
Keywords Girls, Fathers, Lies
Director Alice de Champfleury
Screenplay Anton Carey Bidstrup
Producer Jesper Morthorst
Director of Photography Marek Wieser
Editor Åsa Mossberg
Sound Niels Arild
Composer Jonas Struck
Production designer Nikolaj Danielsen
Casting Jette Termann
Appearance Frank Thiel, Gabrielle Søndergaard, Jannik Christoffersen, Katja Carlsen
Production country Denmark
International sales Nimbus Film ApS
Technical info color, Stereo
Danish festival release 23.04.2009, Empire, CPH PIX Film Festival
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Nimbus Film


Direction Alice de Champfleury
Casting Jette Termann


Script Anton Carey Bidstrup


Producer Jesper Morthorst


Cinematography Marek Wieser


Editing Åsa Mossberg


Music Jonas Struck

Production design

Production design Nikolaj Danielsen


Wardrobe Grith Deleuran


Sound Niels Arild

Visual effects

Visual effects Carl Krull


Far Frank Thiel
Nadja Gabrielle Søndergaard
Eskild Jannik Christoffersen
Mor Katja Carlsen
Datter Laura Julie Riis
Datter Mathilde Flinth Bredholt
Nadjas mor Helle Klausen

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