Sunshine Valley

Emanuel Gregers, Denmark, 1925

54 min.DK/FeatureComedy, ComedySilent films

While on an excursion in the mountains, aging natural scientist, Professor Karker, discovers an idyllic valley. Here, he meets a farmer’s wife, Aase, and her two adult children: the kind-hearted Kavli and his sister Kari, who is a breath of fresh air. Back home, Karker sends his own two spoiled and self-indulgent representatives of modern youth, Thor and Synnøve, on a re-education trip to visit his new friends in Sunshine Valley. This sets in motion an entertaining and beautifully filmed comedy.

The outdoor scenes were filmed in Telemarken and Gudbrandsdalen in Norway. The train station scene was filmed at 'Sjoa Stasjon' which still exists today and hasn't changed much. The film has Danish intertitles and English subtitles.
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Original title Solskinsdalen
Danish title Solskinsdalen
International titles Im Sonnental, La vallée du soleil
Director Emanuel Gregers
Screenplay Emanuel Gregers
Director of Photography Chresten Jørgensen
Production designer Carlo Jacobsen
Appearance Philip Bech, Peter Malberg, Karen Winther, Kai Paaske
Production country Denmark
Technical info 1967 meter, 35 mm, 1,33:1, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 21.02.1925
Cinemas Alexandra
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Production company Nordisk Films Kompagni


Direction Emanuel Gregers


Script Emanuel Gregers


Cinematography Chresten Jørgensen

Production design

Production design Carlo Jacobsen


Professor Karker Philip Bech
Thor, Karkers søn Peter Malberg
Synnøve, Karkers datter Karen Winther
Pe'rsen, tjener Kai Paaske
Mo'r Aase Clara Schønfeld
Kavli, Aases søn Carl Hillebrandt
Kari Alice O'Fredericks
Appearance Holger Pedersen

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