Stop the Virgin Myth

Niels-Ole Rasmussen, Denmark, 2019

88 min.Series (documentary)

#Stop the virgin myth
The virgin membrane is covering the entrance to the vagina. Like a biological chastity belt this membrane protect her innocence. At the first intercourse it breaks and stains the sheets in red.

This is the story we all have known for centuries. There is just one problem: There is no membrane. Nothing must break and bleed during the first intercourse. Its just a myth, a myth that can be extremely harmful to young women of the world.

Now Özlem Cekic attacks the myth. She seeks the truth about women; she shows us the dire consequences of this old myth, and she put action behind word – #Stop The Virgin Myth is tv that changes the world.
Basic information Credits
Original title Stop Jomfrumyten
Danish title Stop Jomfrumyten
Director Niels-Ole Rasmussen
Producer Dorte Servé
Director of Photography John Bomand, Ali Al Zamel
Editor John Bomand, Niels-Ole Rasmussen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution dk4
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Production company
Executive Producer Copenhagen Film & Tv, dk4
With support from Public Service Puljen
Domestic distribution dk4


Direction Niels-Ole Rasmussen


Producer Dorte Servé
Editor Steen W. Pedersen


Cinematographer John Bomand
Cinematographer Ali Al Zamel

Electrical dept.

Best boy John Bomand


Editor John Bomand
Editor Niels-Ole Rasmussen


Music John Bomand


Sound Andy Drabik
Sound Jens de Place Bjørn
Sound David Runøe

Visual effects

Graphic design Lise Mirca
Animator Peter Lopes


Voiceover Camilla Warming

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