Bo Mikkelsen, Denmark, 2012

28 min.DK/Short fiction

»Taboo« is about a family of four: a father, a mother and their two daughters.The parents' relationship is in bad shape after years of letting it slide, and it seems only a miracle can help get their marriage back on track. When their daughters are subjected to a challenging event, that miracle suddenly happens ¿ the parents find themselves with a project in common, namely being there for their kids. Their love starts flourishing again, but what about the girls? How do they cope?
Basic information Credits
Original title Tabu
Danish title Tabu
Keywords Drama, Families
Director Bo Mikkelsen
Screenplay Bo Mikkelsen
Producer Lene Børglum
Director of Photography Aske Alexander Foss
Editor Anders Refn, Bo Mikkelsen
Sound Hans Møller
Composer Peter Kyed, Peter Peter
Production designer Charlotte Bech
Appearance Claus Riis Østergaard, Julie Carlsen, Marie Boda, Maj Kierkensgaard
Production country Denmark
International sales To be announced
Technical info color, Sound
Online release 03.05.2012, Filmstriben
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Space Rocket Nation ApS


Direction Bo Mikkelsen
Continuity Emilie Appelin


Script Bo Mikkelsen


Producer Lene Børglum
Production manager Johnny Andersen
Unit manager Anders Barlebo
Production Jacob Jarek
Production Ditte Milsted
Location scout Rikke Ulnitz
Location manager Karen Thor


Cinematography Aske Alexander Foss
First assistant camera Henrik Lyngbo
Logger Ea Stjernholm
Logger Olesya Kireeva


Stills Gry Friis Jørgensen

Electrical dept.

Gaffer Martin Lerche
Assistant lighting technician Gabriel Stefan


Editing Anders Refn
Editing Bo Mikkelsen


Composer Peter Kyed
Composer Peter Peter

Production design

Production design Charlotte Bech
Property master Lise Marker


Stylist Pernille Holm
Stylist Rebecca Richmond


Sound designer Hans Møller
Sound recordist Jakob Garfield
B-sound designer Frank Mølgaard Knudsen
Boom operator Frank Mølgaard Knudsen
Foley artist Torben Greve
Sound technician Per Dybdal Jensen

Visual effects

Colourist Thomas Therchilsen
VFX Michael Holm
Graphic design Morten Skytte
Coordinator Maggie Winther Hansen
Online Rasmus Toft


Kristian Claus Riis Østergaard
Maria Julie Carlsen
Louise Marie Boda
Anna Maj Kierkensgaard
Psykolog Petrine Agger
Mand i skov Sune Svanekier
Betjent Kristian Halken

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