Belief, Hope and Sex

Emma Balcázar, Denmark, 2011

33 min.DK/Short fiction

Claudia (16) lives with her mexican mother Silvia (46), an orthodox Catholic who keeps Claudia on a short leash. The mother wishes fervently that Claudia stays a virgin until the day she gets married, but Claudia doesn't like the idea. She dreams about sleeping with their upstairs neighbour, the chef Jens (31), who - without knowing it - has seduced her with his cooking and other skills. In the hope of understanding, Claudia confides in her Virgin Mary figurine: She will not promise to stay virgin until she gets married, because what if she doesn't get married? Claudia asks the Virgin to help her seduce Jens, without her mother finding out and it better be now!
Basic information Credits
Original title Tro, Håb og Sex
Danish title Tro, Håb og Sex
Keywords Sexual debut, Mother-daughter relationship, Catholicism
Director Emma Balcázar
Screenplay Emma Balcázar
Producer Thomas Heinesen
Director of Photography Aske Alexander Foss
Editor Morten Højbjerg
Sound Morten Groth Brandt
Composer Fredrik Moth
Production designer Channie Koksvik
Appearance Shelly Levy, Diana Axelsen, Lars Hjøllund, Kett Kadagys
Production country Denmark
Technical info color
TV release 20.04.2011, DR K
Danish festival release 28.04.2011, Cinemateket, CPH-PIX 2011
Danish rating Allowed for all
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Production company Nordisk Film Production


Direction Emma Balcázar


Script Emma Balcázar


Producer Thomas Heinesen


Cinematography Aske Alexander Foss


Stills Claudia Adeath


Editing Morten Højbjerg


Music Fredrik Moth

Production design

Production designer Channie Koksvik


Sound Morten Groth Brandt


Appearance Shelly Levy
Appearance Diana Axelsen
Appearance Lars Hjøllund
Appearance Kett Kadagys

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