Try to remember

Stefan Henszelman, Denmark, 1984

17 min.DK/Short fictionFilm school films

TRY TO REMEMBER is no nostalgic song from the sixties, but a short film about an athlete's irresistible fascination for his own past: his youth and his childhood. It is a journey into the sphere of memory exploring the emotional and sexual drives that thrived between him and his friends, drives which also motivated him toward sport. In his early thirties he discovers that his attraction and craving for sport was not only a way to sublimate his hidden desires, but it also confirmed his masculinity. By not acting out his true desires and by retaining a facade, he fosters the masculine myths: strength and endurance. It is a film experience which fills you with desperation for the irretrievable past - for all those things one meant to do, but never dared to do, and therefore never lived through.
The film is a silent and sensitive visual suite, accompanied by the music of the Finnish jazz-rock musician Pekka Pohjola, whose melancholic rock-symphony "Try to Remember" forms the basis of the film.
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Original title Try to remember
Danish title Try to remember
Other titles Afgangsfilm 1984
Director Stefan Henszelman
Screenplay Stefan Henszelman
Director of Photography Kim Hattesen, Erik Norsker, Marcel Berga
Editor Stefan Henszelman
Sound Nana Gravesen
Composer Pekka Pohjola
Appearance Hans Henrik Voetmann, Søren Helsted, Peter Svarre, Kim Lunding
Production country Denmark
Dialogue language Danish
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral, Stefan Christian Henszelman
Technical info 16 mm, color, Sound
Danish theatrical release 06.06.1984
Cinemas Delta
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Production company Den Danske Filmskole
Domestic distribution Statens Filmcentral, Stefan Christian Henszelman


Direction Stefan Henszelman
Continuity Tina Rud Mogensen


Script Stefan Henszelman


Cinematography Kim Hattesen
Cinematography Erik Norsker
Cinematography Marcel Berga
Key grip Jimmy Leavens
Key grip Jimmy Leavens
Key grip Bo Bentzen
Key grip Bo Bentzen


Editing Stefan Henszelman


Music Pekka Pohjola


Sound Nana Gravesen


Appearance Hans Henrik Voetmann
Appearance Søren Helsted
Appearance Peter Svarre
Appearance Kim Lunding
Appearance Leif Pajor
Appearance Jonas Bering Liisberg
Appearance Lotte Landin
Appearance Jørgen Weel
Appearance Asta Esper Andersen
Appearance Erik Holmey
Appearance Sysser Kjeldsen
Løber Bjarne Bender Mortensen
Løber Torben Moesby
Løber Jan Hansen
Løber Christian Neergaard

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Program - stumfilm & mikro
Senere indgået materiale
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