Sofie Nørgaard Kampmark, Denmark, 2015

7 min.DK/Short fictionAnimation

Haru, a middleaged Japanese man, returns to his destroyed home after a tsunami in complete denial. Trapped inside his home, he discovers a Spirit of the Sea. After initially ignoring it, he soon discovers that the creature is drying out and dying. Haru realises he is facing a choice. Should he remain in denial, pretending nothing has changed, or should he accept his tragic loss and forgive the creature that took everything from him?
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Original title Tsunami
Danish title Tsunami
Keywords Tsunamis, Fantasy worlds, Magic
Director Sofie Nørgaard Kampmark
Producer Anja Perl, Michelle Nardone
Director of Photography Morten Jæger
Editor Sofie Nørgaard Kampmark
Composer Johan Carøe
Production country Denmark
Production company The Animation Workshop
International sales Animation Workshop, The / Kasernevej 5 / 8800 Viborg / t +45 8755 4900 / f +45 8755 4901 / www.animwork.dk


Production company The Animation Workshop


Direction Sofie Nørgaard Kampmark


Story Sofie Nørgaard Kampmark


Producer Anja Perl
Producer Michelle Nardone
Production manager Line Bering


Director of Photography Morten Jæger


Editor Sofie Nørgaard Kampmark


Composer Johan Carøe


Sound Thomas Ahlmark

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