Puff Puff Pass

Thomas Daneskov Mikkelsen, Denmark, 2013

26 min.DK/Short fiction

When Rasmus goes to the family house to visit his dad after many months of no contact, he is met with his worst fear. His dad has momentarily lost his mind, while camping out alone in the family summerhouse, drinking heavily while trying to complete a Sci-fi novel. Rasmus has been trying for a while to break away from his dad's patterns of uncompleted projects and endless meetings with random women, by living by more honest, straight line standards. But as the weekend turns out to be a long needed experience between father and son, Rasmus learns that demons and sense goes hand in hand - and once you embrace this, the real fun can begin.
Basic information Credits Festivals & awards
Original title Ud, spring over, ind
Danish title Ud, spring over, ind
Keywords Father-son relation, Infidelity, Forgiveness
Director Thomas Daneskov Mikkelsen
Screenplay Thomas Daneskov Mikkelsen
Producer Kirstine Barfod
Director of Photography Jasper Spanning
Editor Thomas Daneskov Mikkelsen
Sound Oskar Skriver
Composer Teen Sing, Lise Reinau, Shit og Chalou, Cox Orange, C.V. Jørgensen
Production designer Siri Katzenelzon
Appearances Thomas Ernst, Søren Spanning, Zinnini Elkington, Lea Gregersen
Production country Denmark
Production company KILLIT FILMS, Killit Films
International sales Killit Films / Sturlasgade 14 B, 2.th. / 2300 København S / kirstine3@gmail.com
Danish festival release 26.08.2013, Café Biografen (Odense), Odense Filmfestival
Online release 24.10.2016
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7


Production company KILLIT FILMS, Killit Films
With support from Filmværkstedet / DFI


Direction Thomas Daneskov Mikkelsen


Screenplay Thomas Daneskov Mikkelsen


Producer Kirstine Barfod
Production manager Mia Kronborg


Cinematographer Jasper Spanning


Editor Thomas Daneskov Mikkelsen


Music Teen Sing
Music Lise Reinau
Music Shit og Chalou
Music Cox Orange
Music C.V. Jørgensen

Production design

Production designer Siri Katzenelzon


Sound engineer Oskar Skriver
Sound Joel Krozer
Mixer Oskar Skriver


Rasmus Thomas Ernst
Far Søren Spanning
Appearance Zinnini Elkington
Appearance Lea Gregersen

Awards and nominations

Award Year Festival
Audience Award 2013 Odense Internationale Film Festival 2013
The Talent Award 2013 Odense Internationale Film Festival 2013

Festival screenings

Festival Festival date
Lithuania Scanorama Film Forum 2014-11-06
Helsinki Film Festival - Love & Anarchy 2014-09-18
Odense Internationale Film Festival 2013-08-26
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