Unfinished journeys

Vladimir Tomic, Denmark, 2012

43 min.DK/Short fiction

The film follows Niels, who is half Danish and half Inuit. The focal point is the story of Niels's relation to his Greenlandic roots, where for example the traditional dance with masks and drums has been performed for generations. It is a tale in which poetical imagery and magnificent Greenlandic scenery meet a socio-political perspective with documentary shots of everyday life in Greenland.
The question of how a cultural identity like Inuit has been influenced after having had the norms of Danish society imposed on it for years, is central in the film. Is it possible to maintain a Greenlandic self-understanding even though an external system is threatening to wipe it out? In the film we meet artist Julie Hardenberg and author Helene Thisen as well, who like Niels live with a split cultural identity. The issue unfolds in the documentary shots, but also in the film's poetic pictures where ice, water, vapour and clouds explore a transformation theme, producing a mystic atmosphere. The film seeks to create an understanding of the consequences of the colonisation of Greenland for the Intuits' identity as individuals and parts of a society.
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Original title Ufærdige rejser
Danish title Ufærdige rejser
Keywords Identity, Greenland, Culture, Cultural identity, Greenlanders, Social conditions, Political circumstances
Director Vladimir Tomic
Screenplay Vladimir Tomic
Producer Vladimir Tomic
Director of Photography Vladimir Tomic
Editor Lasse Barkfors
Appearance Niels Kûitse, Jens Davidsen, Helene Thiesen, Julie Edel Hardenberg
Production country Denmark
Production company Filmværkstedet / DFI
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Production company Filmværkstedet / DFI


Direction Vladimir Tomic


Screenplay Vladimir Tomic


Producer Vladimir Tomic
Production manager Tijana Miskovic


Cinematographer Vladimir Tomic
Camera assistant Mikisoq Hove Lynge
Camera assistant Ricco Højland Hansen
Camera assistant Lasse Barkfors


Editor Lasse Barkfors


Music Julian Winding


Sound Mikkel Munk Appel
Sound mixer Mikkel Munk Appel

Visual effects

Colourist Lasse Barkfors
Graphic design Theis Holm


Appearance Niels Kûitse
Appearance Jens Davidsen
Appearance Helene Thiesen
Appearance Julie Edel Hardenberg

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