The Red Thread

Mette Knudsen, Denmark, 2016

107 min.DK/Documentary

In 2015, it is 100 years since Danish women obtained the right to vote. Inspired by this date, the documentary focuses on the women's movement in Denmark from the suffragettes around 1900, the women libbers of the 1970'es and up to queer feminists and today's young women and men.

A common thread runs between the two great women's movements of the19th and the 20th century. Both are struggling to obtain formal rights and to obtain the right over their own bodies. Both occur in the wake of similar uprisings elsewhere in the world. And both start with a small handful of activists and end up creating nationwide movements, which crucially and forever change the entire population's living conditions legally, economically and sexually.

It is also a personal film in which director Mette Knudsen, 40 years after the fact places the women's movement - of which she herself was a member - in a contemporary context by focusing on 100 years of women's history and examining the hopes and dreams of today's young women and men- Have we obtained what we wanted? Or where are we heading?
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Original title Vejen er lang - om Kvindebevægelsens historie
Danish title Vejen er lang - om Kvindebevægelsens historie
Keywords Women's movement, Women's suffrage, Recstockings, Knudsen, Mette, Women, Women's conditions, Denmark, 2010-2019, 1900-1999, 2000-2009, Equality of status, Vote registration, Civil rights, History, Women's liberation
Director Mette Knudsen
Screenplay Mette Knudsen, Mette Knudsen
Producer Mette Knudsen
Editor Edda Urup
Sound Sylvester Holm
Composer Palle Nørgaard Knudsen
Production country Denmark
Danish theatrical release 04.05.2016
Cinemas Grand
DFI subsidy Konsulentstøtte
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company Nils Vest Film
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Mette Knudsen
Assistant director Malina Terkelsen


Script Mette Knudsen
Screenplay Mette Knudsen
Script consultant Malina Terkelsen


Executive producer Nils Vest
Production manager Cristina Signorelli
Runner Kjartan Urup Roberts
Runner Kari Kvaale
Producer Mette Knudsen


Director of photography Erik Norsker
First assistant camera Esben Frese
First assistant camera Li Vilstrup
First assistant camera Malene Ravn
First assistant camera Vibeke Winding
First assistant camera Nils Vest
First assistant camera Mette Knudsen
First assistant camera Casper Høyberg
First assistant camera Katia Forbert Petersen


Stills Nils Vest
Archive Photos Anne Cornelius

Electrical dept.

Best boy Mogens Otte


Editor Edda Urup
Technical support Jens Bidstrup
Technical support Ulrik Al Brask


Composer Palle Nørgaard Knudsen

Production design

Art director Martin Nørgaard Furze
Set dresser Casper Nilsson


Costume on set Lise Klitten


Makeup artist Lise Klitten


Sound engineer Sylvester Holm

Visual effects

Compositing Adam Philip Lønborg
Grading Johs Aarup
Key clean-up Johs Aarup
Graphic design and title sequence Toke Blicher Møller


Animator Maria Mac Dalland

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Anmeldelse Morgenavisen Jyllandsposten Sommer Boysen, Katrine 2016-05-04
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