Akiva Goldsman

Title Year Function Category
The Dark Tower 2017 Screenplay Feature
Winter's Tale 2014 Direction, Script, Producer Feature
Lone Survivor 2013 Producer Feature
Fair Game 2010 Producer Feature
Angels & Demons 2009 Script Feature
Hancock 2008 Producer Feature
I Am Legend 2007 Script, Production Feature
The Da Vinci Code 2006 Script Feature
Poseidon 2006 Production Feature
Cinderella Man 2005 Script Feature
Constantine 2005 Production Feature
I, Robot 2004 Script Feature
Starsky & Hutch 2004 Production Feature
A Beautiful Mind 2001 Script Feature
Deep Blue Sea 1999 Production Feature
Lost in space 1998 Script Feature
Batman & Robin 1997 Script Feature
A Time to Kill 1996 Script Feature
Batman Forever 1995 Script Feature
The Client 1994 Script Feature