Nagieb Khaja

Born 1979, Denmark. Renowned journalist and two-time nominee of the prestigious Danish journalism award Cavling.

Director of documentaries dealing with the effects of the West's War on Terror, including "Accidental Terrorist" (2009) with Miki Mistrati, "Maybe Innocent" (2009), "Convicted for Terror" (2010) with Miki Mistrati and Christian Sønderby Jepsen, and "My Afghanistan" (2012).

Title Year Function Category
Way Home 2024 Screenplay DK/Feature
Winning Hearts and Minds 2023 Direction, Screenplay DK/Documentary
My Afghanistan - Life in the forbidden zone 2012 Direction DK/Documentary
Convicted for Terror 2010 Direction DK/Documentary
Terrorist ved et tilfælde 2009 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Maybe Innocent 2009 Direction DK/Documentary