Niels Holm

Title Year Function Category
Kid gang on the go 1971 Props DK/Feature
Hussar Honeymoon 1970 Props DK/Feature
Bride of happiness 1969 Set dresser DK/Feature
Jazz All Around 1969 Set dresser DK/Feature
A whiff of sunshine 1969 Set dresser DK/Feature
I love blue 1968 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Magic in town 1968 Wardrobe, Set dresser DK/Feature
Once upon a time 1966 Wardrobe, Set dresser DK/Feature
I, a lover 1966 Set dresser, Stage manager DK/Feature
En ven i bolignøden 1965 Production design, Costume on set DK/Feature
Five men and Rosa 1964 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Alt for kvinden 1964 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Støv for alle pengene 1963 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Frøken Nitouche 1963 Costume on set DK/Feature
Prinsesse for en dag 1962 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Eventyr på Mallorca 1961 Wardrobe DK/Feature
The Musketeers 1961 Wardrobe DK/Feature
Den grønne elevator 1961 Set manager DK/Feature