Poul Bang

(1905 – 1967)

Title Year Function Category
Princess Margrethe''s Wedding Day 1967 Cinematography DK/Documentary
Six kids and the honeymooners 1967 Producer DK/Feature
Six kids and their uncle 1966 Producer DK/Feature
En ven i bolignøden 1965 Production manager DK/Feature
Een pige og 39 sømænd 1965 Production manager DK/Feature
Alt for kvinden 1964 Production manager DK/Feature
Støv for alle pengene 1963 Direction DK/Feature
Frøken Nitouche 1963 Production DK/Feature
Peters landlov 1963 Production DK/Feature
Det støver stadig 1962 Direction DK/Feature
Han, hun, Dirch og Dario 1962 Production DK/Feature
Operation Venus 1962 Production DK/Feature
Støv på hjernen 1961 Direction DK/Feature
Reptilicus 1961 Direction, Screenplay Feature
Peters baby 1961 Production DK/Feature
Kvindelist og kærlighed 1960 Production DK/Feature
Baronessen fra benzintanken 1960 Production manager DK/Feature
Erik Scavenius 1959 Direction DK/Documentary
Charle''s Aunt 1959 Direction DK/Feature
Mariannes bryllup 1958 Production DK/Feature
Styrmand Karlsen 1958 Production DK/Feature
Tag til marked i Fjordby 1957 Direction DK/Feature
Tre piger fra Jylland 1957 Production DK/Feature
Mig og min familie 1957 Production DK/Feature
Færgekroen 1956 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Kristiane af Marstal 1956 Production DK/Feature
Det var på Rundetårn 1955 Direction DK/Feature
Bruden fra Dragstrup 1955 Production DK/Feature
Der kom en dag 1955 Production DK/Feature
The rebuilding of Rønne and Nexø 1954 Direction DK/Documentary
I kongens klæ''r 1954 Direction DK/Feature
Hendes store aften 1954 Production DK/Feature
Ved Kongelunden 1953 Direction DK/Feature
Den gamle mølle på Mols 1953 Production DK/Feature
The Tove Andersen criminal case 1953 Production DK/Feature
Private 67 Petersen 1952 Direction DK/Feature
Hvide sejl 1951 Direction, Script DK/Documentary
Fra den gamle købmandsgård 1951 Production DK/Feature
Fireogtyve timer 1951 Editing DK/Feature
Historien om Hjortholm 1950 Direction, Editing, Production manager DK/Feature
Behandling af psykisk abnorme lovovertrædere i Herstedvester 1950 Sound DK/Documentary
Rebildfesten 4. juli 1948 1948 Direction DK/Documentary
Kristinus Bergman 1948 Sound DK/Feature
Martin Andersen Nexø 1947 Direction DK/Documentary
Training ships 1947 Direction DK/Documentary
Icebreaking 1947 Direction DK/Documentary
Children of Holland 1946 Direction DK/Documentary
Diptheria 1946 Direction DK/Documentary
The children from Holland 1946 Direction DK/Documentary
Henning Brøndum, Bothildsen Nielsen, Kristian Van Baalen 1945 Direction DK/Documentary
En ny Dag gryer 1945 Direction DK/Feature
When the peace came 1945 Production DK/Documentary
Kriminalassistent Bloch 1943 Direction DK/Feature
Auntie from Mols 1943 Direction DK/Feature
Afsporet 1942 Sound DK/Feature
Niels Pind og hans Dreng 1941 Sound DK/Feature
Frøken Kirkemus 1941 Sound DK/Feature
Tag til Rønneby Kro 1941 Sound DK/Feature
Tror du jeg er født i Gaar! 1941 Sound DK/Feature
Far skal giftes 1941 Sound DK/Feature
En ganske almindelig Pige 1940 Sound DK/Feature
En Desertør 1940 Sound DK/Feature
Familien Olsen 1940 Sound DK/Feature
Pas paa Svinget i Solby 1940 Sound DK/Feature
Heroes of the western coast 1940 Sound Feature
De tre maaske fire 1939 Sound DK/Feature
Nordhavets Mænd 1939 Sound DK/Feature
Genboerne 1939 Sound DK/Feature
I Dag begynder Livet 1939 Sound DK/Feature
The People of Högbogård 1939 Sound Feature
Alarm 1938 Sound DK/Feature
The male housemaid 1938 Sound DK/Feature
Blaavand melder Storm 1938 Sound DK/Feature
Life on Hegnsgaard 1938 Sound DK/Feature
Julia jubilerar 1938 Sound Feature
Kloka gubben 1938 Sound Feature
Svensson ordnar allt! 1938 Sound Feature
Frk. Møllers Jubilæum 1937 Sound DK/Feature
Den kloge Mand 1937 Sound DK/Feature
Der var engang en Vicevært 1937 Sound DK/Feature
En fuldendt Gentleman 1937 Sound DK/Feature
Sun over Denmark 1936 Sound DK/Feature
Cirkus-Revyen 1936 Sound DK/Feature
De bør forelske Dem 1935 Sound DK/Feature
Kidnapped 1935 Sound DK/Feature
Barken Margrethe 1934 Sound DK/Feature
København, Kalundborg og -? 1934 Sound DK/Feature
Palo''s Wedding 1934 Sound DK/Feature
Ud i den kolde Sne 1934 Sound DK/Feature
Københavnere 1933 Sound DK/Feature
Med fuld Musik 1933 Sound DK/Feature
Fem raske Piger 1933 Sound DK/Feature
He, She and Hamlet 1932 Sound DK/Feature