Sven Methling

(1918 – 2005)

Title Year Function Category
Krummernes jul 1996 Direction TV series
The Rascal 1994 Direction DK/Feature
Dad's Bright Idea 1994 Direction DK/Feature
Crumb at a Gallop 1992 Direction DK/Feature
The Crumbs 1991 Direction DK/Feature
Sidste fyring 1991 Editing DK/Documentary
Banana busters 1990 Editing, Producer DK/Feature
The red thread 1989 Editing, Producer DK/Feature
Elvis Hansen - en samfundshjælper 1988 Producer DK/Feature
The fight for the red cow 1987 Producer DK/Feature
Walter and Carlo - up on daddy's hat 1985 Editing DK/Feature
Kidnapning 1982 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Three angels and five lions 1982 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Charly and Steffen 1979 Editing supervisor DK/Feature
Flamin' fire-chief 1976 Script DK/Feature
Familien Gyldenkål sprænger banken 1976 Editing DK/Feature
The family of 100 children 1972 Direction, Editing DK/Feature
How to catch a man 1972 Direction, Script, Editing DK/Feature
Nøglen til Paradis 1970 Direction DK/Feature
The Aristocats 1970 Director: Danish version, 1971 Feature
I love blue 1968 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Pretty-Arne and Rosa 1967 Direction, Screenplay DK/Feature
Old maids 1966 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Virtue runs wild 1966 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Passer passer piger 1965 Direction, Script DK/Feature
Majorens oppasser 1964 Direction, Editing DK/Feature
Når enden er go' 1964 Direction DK/Feature
Five men and Rosa 1964 Direction, Script DK/Feature
The Girl and the Press Photographer 1963 Direction, Editing DK/Feature
Et døgn uden løgn 1963 Direction, Editing DK/Feature
Stop at red light 1963 Direction, Script, Editing DK/Documentary
Syd for Tana River 1963 Direction DK/Feature
Between two worlds 1962 Direction, Editing DK/Documentary
Soldaterkammerater på sjov 1962 Direction, Script, Editing DK/Feature
Soldaterkammerater på efterårsmanøvre 1961 Direction DK/Feature
My crazy boys 1961 Direction DK/Feature
Sorte Shara 1961 Direction DK/Feature
Soldaterkammerater på vagt 1960 Direction DK/Feature
Vi er allesammen tossede 1959 Direction DK/Feature
Soldaterkammerater rykker ud 1959 Direction DK/Feature
A Hullaballo at the Castle 1959 Direction DK/Feature
3 må man være 1959 Direction DK/Feature
Bugle with a beat 1958 Direction DK/Feature
Young love 1958 Production DK/Feature
Englen i sort 1957 Direction DK/Feature
An everyday fairytale 1956 Direction DK/Documentary
Der kom en dag 1955 Direction DK/Feature
Hunt them down! 1954 Script DK/Documentary
The Tove Andersen criminal case 1953 Direction DK/Feature
As you do not know them 1940 Appearance DK/Documentary
Daphne Direction, Narrator DK/Commercial