Declaration of war!

There are no two ways about love: either to the full and more, or not at all. Director Simon Staho’s rampage against all the killjoys, cowards and rationalists of love.

"Warriors of Love" is my campaign against those who reject love. A campaign against the sceptics of the heart and the ultraconservatives of romance. Against the cowards who cool things down when they meet love. Against the killjoys who prefer their love served at room temperature and in small portions. Against the rationalists who want reasonable love. Sensible love. Disciplined love that behaves properly.

The film is a tribute to excessive love. To obsessive love. To love that calls for sacrifices, scars and gunshot wounds. To love that hurts and heals, that is responsible for miracles and tragedies. Love that makes blood boil, that pushes the lover over the edge of a cliff. Love that leads to unrest, damage and trouble where there was once dead silence and neatly trimmed hedges. Love that runs amok and causes riots in the streets. Hopelessly impossible love that gives life and costs lives.


Born 1972, Denmark. Staho has worked with a number of renowned Swedish actors, including Noomi Rapace, Lena Endre, Mikael Persbrandt, Lena Olin, Pernilla August and Maria Bonnevie. Received the Ingmar Bergman Travel Grant in 2008. His feature film debut was with "Wildside" (1998), starring Mads Mikkelsen. With a cast of Swedish actors and Mikael Persbrandt in the leading role, he directed both "Day and Night" (2004), winner of the Silver Hugo Award in Chicago, and "Bang Bang Orangutang" (2005), selected for San Sebastian. In "Daisy Diamond" (2007), also selected for San Sebastian, Staho returns to a mostly Danish cast. Succeeding these films are the Swedish-Danish co-productions "Heaven’s Heart" (2008), selected for last year’s Berlinale Special Section, and "Warriors of Love" (2009).

Founded 2005 by producer Jonas Frederiksen and director Simon Staho. Three films, all written and directed by Staho, have been signed by the company: "Daisy Diamond" (2007), "Heaven’s Heart" (2008) and "Warriors of Love" (2009).

Love that doesn’t just go to the limit, but far beyond the limit. Love that runs confused in drunken madness, that lies in the gutter with a knife in its heart. Love that refuses to take no for an answer, that doesn’t give a damn about cautionary words and only speaks the language of love:

“I want to – no – I will – no – I MUST love!”

Simon Staho