Dialogue across borders

Seeing a theatre full of Canadians howling with laughter at the Danish comedy "Superclásico" or a crowd of Muslim girls in Zanzibar having a wildly animated discussion about authorities after watching Niels Arden Oplev’s "We Shall Overcome" – these are some of the great moments experienced by the people who work with Danish films in the international arena.

In recent years the Danish Film Institute has put a special focus on strengthening partnerships across national borders. The background for this is the increasing demand for Danish films and filmmakers on the global stage and a growing awareness in Danish cultural life in general that international cultural exchange and dialogue are important.

These international efforts, anchored in the Danish Film Act, are now strengthened in an interdepartmental committee set up by the DFI. The task is to prioritize and coordinate activities to make the quality and effect of DFI’s work even better and enable the organization to systematically evaluate and gather knowledge.

The DFI’s international activities fall into three categories: festival efforts supporting the dissemination and awareness of Danish films, cultural exchange supporting exchange and dialogue in the broader sense, and co-production focusing on cross-border professional partnerships.

At the end of the day, it all comes down to films touching audiences and creating space for dialogue. Read more about the DFI’s international efforts – what we do and why we do it:

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