The Dogma era can still inspire

Two months into 2010 and Danish films have already made their mark at major festivals: Sundance, Rotterdam, Göteborg – and Berlin. Interviewed for the festival publication, DFI Festival Manager Lizette Gram Mygind puts current Danish cinema into perspective.

With no less than seven films in competition in Berlin, an Oscar nomination for "Burma VJ", and "The Red Chapel" winning at Sundance, 2010 should look bright for the Danish film industry.

Still, optimism is blended with the recognition of last year's domestic boxoffice showing disappointing results and an industry experiencing increasing economic pressure. Time is ripe for reflection, in other words - not least in light of the crucial passing in 2010 of a new Film Policy Accord 2011-14 by the Danish Government.

DFI Festival Manager Lizette Gram Mygind followed at close hand the Danish films in Berlin - among them Thomas Vinterberg's "Submarino" and Pernille Fischer Christensen's "A Family" - and pinpoints to film reporter Eftihia Stefanidi their special merits as well as a new Dogma-like rawness in style manifest in the young director duo Michael Noer and Tobias Lindholm's hard-hitting prison drama "R", winner of the Nordic Film Award in Göteborg.

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