Experience, understand, create

Filmlab Palestine.
The Danish Film Institute works to give children and young people the very best opportunities to interact with moving images in their daily lives. In a global context, the Danish Film Institute engages with the international community, working with film projects for young audiences and nurturing talent development.

Twenty-five percent of the Danish Film Institute’s funding is earmarked for films and activities for children and youth. This includes development and production of films and computer games of all genres, distribution across various platforms, film education in the form of free study guides, screening at schools, teacher training, support to festivals, international creative exchange – and much more.

Film and interactive media, as agents of culture and language, are an integral part of how young audiences experience their identity and place in the world. It is important that they encounter high-quality moving images about a broad range of subject matter and nationalities, and that they understand and actively use media.

The aim of the activities described on these pages is to give children and young people a variety of opportunities to experience, understand and create moving images.