Verdens Herkules

Viggo Larsen, Danmark, 1908

DK/Kort fiktionStumfilm

Grundoplysninger Credits Festivaler og priser
Original titel Verdens Herkules
Dansk titel Verdens Herkules
Andre titler Hercules the Athlete, Love Behind the Scenes
Instruktør Viggo Larsen
Medvirkende Viggo Larsen, Holger-Madsen, Petrine Sonne, Agnes Nørlund
Produktionsland Danmark
Produktionsselskab Nordisk Films Kompagni
Tekniske data 162 meter, 35 mm, Stum
Dansk biografpremiere 03.10.1908
Premierebiografer Kinografen
Comment Nordisk neg. nr. 346. Anmeldelse fra The Moving Picture World, December 26, 1908:
Another success for the Great Northern Film Company.
The photography is excellent and the acting perfect. The subject is perhaps a little strong, but if the spectators do not fancy the different love affairs of Hercules, they are well repaid by the splendid execution of the work. The manufacturers are always most careful in their details, and in this film they do not show us a skeleton for the Hercules, but a fine specimen of physical culture, and they so cleverly distribute the lights as to bring out the forms and muscles of the man. Such films with so easy and natural actions can never tire an audience, but, on the contrary, are pleasing and always well received. It is no more a question of pushing a few inexperienced men in front of a camera, but it is real art.


Produktionsselskab Nordisk Films Kompagni


Instruktion Viggo Larsen


Medvirkende Viggo Larsen
Medvirkende Holger-Madsen
Medvirkende Petrine Sonne
Medvirkende Agnes Nørlund

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