The Thralls / Trællene

Jannik Hastrup (DK, 1978)

Trællene (Jannik Hastrup, DK, 1978)

Animator/animation director Jannik Hastrup did three films (se also "Trællenes børn", 1980, and "Trællenes oprør", 1979), each divided up in three episodes, all with the general theme of slaves under the thumb of oppressors. Using a consciously cut-out animation technique, this first trio of episodes covers the Viking Age, the introduction of Christianity, and an early revolt of thralls in abt. A.D. 1250.

CategoryDK/Feature - Children's films, Animation
KeywordsSlaves / History

Basic information

Danish titleTrællene
Other titlesTrællene 1 - Halte, Trællene 2 - Ylva, Trællene 3 - Oluf
DirectorJannik Hastrup
ScreenplayJannik Hastrup
Danish theatrical release27.03.1978
Danish festival release2009-09-21
Husets Biograf
Production countryDenmark
Duration80 min.
Production companyTrællenes Børn, Dansk Tegnefilm
Domestic distribution Dan-Ina Film
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Additional information

Technical info35 mm / Widescreen / color
Danish ratingAllowed for all

Full credits

Jannik HastrupDirection
Vagn DahlMusic
John RavnMusic
Visual effects
Cæcilie NordgreenColorstyler
Liller MøllerColorstyler
Bigita FaberColorstyler
Jannik HastrupAnimation
Kjeld SimonsenAnimation
Malene RavnCharacter illustrator
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Jannik Hastrup

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