The Mole 2:2

Mads Brügger, Denmark, 2020

63 min.Series (documentary)

The Mole and Mr. James leave Pyongyang with a signed contract to build a secret underground factory where they can manufacture weapons and drugs. They are tasked with finding a location in a ‘friendly’ country where they can carry out their covert plans, and flies to Uganda, where a private island is for sale. The North Koreans who accompany them, return to Pyongyang and start making blueprints. As the mission progresses, numerous deals are offered to Mr James, taking him deeper into the dark side of the regime’s arms trade. With deals done and orders pending, can they keep up the deception?
Basic information Credits
Original title The Mole 2:2
Danish title Muldvarpen 2:2
Part of The Mole (overview)
Keywords North Korea, Denmark, Moles, Secrets, Espionage, Dictatorship
Director Mads Brügger
Producer Bjarte Mørner Tveit, Peter Engel
Director of Photography Tore Vollan, Jonas Berlin, Ola Waagen
Editor Nicolas Nørgaard Staffolani, Torkel Gjørv
Production country Denmark
Online release 12.01.2022, Filmcentralen
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Production company
Executive Producer Piraya Film
Co-production Wingman Media
With support from Norsk Filminstitutt, Mediefondet Zefyr, Stiftelsen Matriark, Det Danske Filminstitut, Hinterland AS, Creative Europe, Fritt Ord


Direction Mads Brügger


Producer Bjarte Mørner Tveit
Producer Peter Engel
Field producer Heine Kaarsberg


Cinematographer Tore Vollan
Cinematographer Jonas Berlin
Cinematographer Ola Waagen
First assistant camera Heine Kaarsberg


Editor Nicolas Nørgaard Staffolani
Editor Torkel Gjørv

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