Death of a Saint

Patricia Bbaale Bandak, Denmark, 2024

91 min.DK/Documentary

On Christmas Eve 1989, when film director Patricia was only two years old, her mother was killed by two gunmen in their home in Uganda. On Christmas Eve 2013, Patricia gave birth to a daughter whom she named Imelda after her mother. Now, more than 30 years after the killing, and after becoming a mother herself, Patricia is finally ready to return to her native country and look into her past.
Throughout the film, Patricia attempts to find out who her mother was. However, cultural differences and the shadow of a brutal murder constantly looms over her journey. Her mother is described as a saint, but Patricia wants to understand who she really was as a person. Patricia must confront her traumas in order to set herself free from them.
Basic information Credits
Original title Englemord
Danish title Englemord
Keywords Uganda, Refugees, Family history, Families, Homicide, Mothers, Daughters, 2020-2030
Director Patricia Bbaale Bandak
Producer Victor Rocha da Cunha
Director of Photography Troels N'Koya-Jensen, Loui Ladegaard, Patricia Bbaale Bandak
Editor Louis Emil Ramm Seeberg, Nikoline Løgstrup
Sound Mia Terry
Composer Mads Michelsen
Production country Denmark
Online release 10.04.2024, Filmcentralen
Danish rating Allowed for children over the age of 11
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Production company Monolit Film ApS
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut
In collaboration with Danmarks Radio


Direction Patricia Bbaale Bandak


Producer Victor Rocha da Cunha
Executive producer Pernille Tornøe
Executive producer Emily Nicoline Quist
Associate producer: post-production Laura Valentiner-Bohse


Cinematographer Troels N'Koya-Jensen
Cinematographer Loui Ladegaard
Cinematographer Patricia Bbaale Bandak


Still photographer Troels N'Koya-Jensen


Editor Louis Emil Ramm Seeberg
Editor Nikoline Løgstrup


Composer Mads Michelsen


Sound designer Mia Terry
Sound mixer Mia Terry
Recording Mads Michelsen

Visual effects

Colorist Edoardo Rebecchi
VFX Casper Riis
Mastering Casper Riis

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