The Battle for the Harbour of Peace 1:3 – We Have Found Peace Here

Lars Borking, Denmark, 2021

28 min.Series (documentary)

A group of outsiders squat on the harbour in central Copenhagen. Esben - a former boat builder - fights for the environment and to run a tight ship, while his friend Stork struggles for a place to simply be himself. Meanwhile the politicians are eager to use millions to vacate and clear the area.
Basic information Credits
Original title Slaget om Fredens Havn 1:3 – Vi har fundet fred her
Danish title Slaget om Fredens Havn 1:3 – Vi har fundet fred her
Part of The Battle for the Harbour of Peace (overview)
Keywords Homeless people, Copenhagen
Director Lars Borking
Producer Jesper Jack
Director of Photography Lars Borking, Oscar Lange Riis-Hansen, Ditte Haarløv Johnsen, Emil Langballe
Editor Marie-Louise Bordinggaard, Yrsa Wedel, Mette Esmark
Sound Peter Schultz
Composer Christoffer Møller
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution TV2
Online release 02.08.2021, Filmcentralen
Danish rating Not recommended for children under 7
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Production company House of Real
Executive Producer TV2
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut
Domestic distribution TV2


Direction Lars Borking


Producer Jesper Jack
Production manager Katrine Dolmer
Post-production manager Ida Dolmer
Production assistant Sonia Ladidá Schiavone
Producer: development Henrik Underbjerg
TV2 editor Nikolaj Daugberg


Cinematographer Lars Borking
Cinematographer Oscar Lange Riis-Hansen
Cinematographer Ditte Haarløv Johnsen
Cinematographer Emil Langballe
Drone operator Jesper Gamst Hansen
Drone operator Mathias Arvedsen
Drone operator Donald Macintyre


Editor Marie-Louise Bordinggaard
Editor Yrsa Wedel
Editor Mette Esmark
Assistant editor Laurits Eg Sindberg
Editor: development Camilla Ebling
Editor: development Dan Loghin


Composer Christoffer Møller


Sound engineer Peter Schultz

Visual effects

Graphic design Rasmus Robak
Graphic design Robin Hart
Colourist Edoardo Rebecchi
Colourist Jonas Lau Frandsen


Narrator Jesper Christensen

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