The Stranger

Simon Staho, Denmark,


"The search for a definition of the Other, or of Others, is the most important problem there is." –Paul Valéry, “Notebooks”, 1942.

The Stranger is the story of our encounter with the Other(s).

Is peaceful coexistence possible, or is violent confrontation inevitable? Maybe even necessary?

The film examines the clash between religious radicalization on the one hand and on the other hand racism, intolerance, fascism, Western paranoia and the modern anxiety caused by the increasingly escalating tensions of reality, of warfare and terrorist attacks, of Europe''s current political winds and of the information society''s incessant horror scenarios.

The Stranger is about race, racism and racial conflict and about the encounter with the Other(s) - an encounter that at all times throughout history has been the source of conflict.
Basic information Credits
Original title Den Fremmede
Danish title Den Fremmede
Director Simon Staho
Screenplay Simon Staho, Christian Lollike
Producer Per Damgaard Hansen
Director of Photography Maria von Hausswolff
Editor Jacob Thuesen
Sound Rune Bjerre Sand
Casting Gro Metha Therp
Production country Denmark
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Production company Masterplan Pictures
With support from Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Simon Staho
Casting Gro Metha Therp


Screenplay Simon Staho
Screenplay Christian Lollike


Producer Per Damgaard Hansen
Line producer Cæcilie Østerby Sørensen


Cinematographer Maria von Hausswolff


Editor Jacob Thuesen


Sound engineer Rune Bjerre Sand

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