The Chocolate War

Miki Mistrati, Denmark, 2022

82 min.DK/Documentary

One man’s fight against a billion-dollar industry of chocolate-giants who ruthlessly exploit illegal child labour in their production. Investigations in cocoa plantations meets intense courtroom drama.
Twenty years ago, the world’s biggest cocoa producers signed an agreement to end child slavery. Since then, the appalling abuse has only got worse. US lawyer Terry Collingsworth is working hard to bring the chocolate giants to justice and has dedicated his life to the abolition of slavery and human trafficking, and to fighting the food giants and their army of lawyers. Collingsworth is trying to convict Nestlé and Cargill of systematically exploiting children in Ivory Coast cocoa production. And now the case has finally reached the US Supreme Court. To prepare for the trial, Terry Collingsworth will gather more evidence. In Mali, he meets his six key witnesses before travelling on to Ivory Coast’s cocoa plantations, where a centre for the rehabilitation of enslaved children supported by governments and NGOs, looks unused and with no children in sight. All in the quest to keep the price of cocoa beans low.
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Original title Chokoladekrigen
Danish title Chokoladekrigen
Director Miki Mistrati
Producer Helle Faber
Director of Photography Henrik B. Ipsen
Editor Andreas Birch Eriksen
Sound Are Åberg, Krister Johnson, Audun Kvitland Røstad, Geir Dhølie Gjerdsjø, Jørgen Meyer
Composer Marius Christiansen
Production country Denmark
Production company Made in Copenhagen
International sales
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Production company Made in Copenhagen
Co-production Upnorth Film
With support from Nordisk Film & TV Fond, Norsk Filminstitutt, FilmFyn, Danida, Fritt Ord, Creative Europe
In collaboration with DR, SVT, NRK, YLE, RTS


Direction Miki Mistrati


Producer Helle Faber
Co-producer Torstein Parelius
Co-producer Christian Falch
Co-producer Ingrid Aune Falch
Co-producer Jonathan Borge Lie
Production manager Henriette Kræmer
Production manager Carina Åkerlund
Production coordinator Stine Hope
Production coordinator Haakon Wuttudal
Production coordinator Snorre Hovdal


Cinematographer Henrik B. Ipsen
Camera assistant Emil Langballe
Camera assistant Nelson Walker
Camera assistant Zillah Bowes


Editor Andreas Birch Eriksen
Assistant editor Jacob Andersen


Composer Marius Christiansen


Sound designer Are Åberg
Sound designer Krister Johnson
Sound designer Audun Kvitland Røstad
Sound designer Geir Dhølie Gjerdsjø
Sound designer Jørgen Meyer

Visual effects

Colorist Cato Lauvli

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