The Abyss

Urban Gad, Denmark, 1910

38 min.DK/FeatureErotic melodrama, Drama, MelodramaSilent films

Magda, a piano teacher, meets Knud, a parson’s son, who invites her to spend the summer at his parents’ parsonage. When a travelling circus stops in the village, Magda leaves the meek Knud for the dashing circus rider Rudolf. But circus life with Rudolf quickly turns out to be anything but happy, and Magda comes to a tragic end.

The preserved material is characterized by chemical degradation in several places, which can disturb the film experience. The famous dancing scene was also marked by degradation, until material from the Swedish film cenorship was found. Now, the dancing scene appears to be in better shape than the rest of the film, based on content that wasn't meant for public display in Sweden.
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Original title Afgrunden
Danish title Afgrunden
International titles Der Abgrund, Avgrunden, Abgründe, L' abîme, Woman always pays
Director Urban Gad
Screenplay Urban Gad
Director of Photography Alfred Lind
Appearances Asta Nielsen, Hans Neergaard, Jesta Nielsen, Hulda Didrichsen
Production country Denmark
Domestic distribution Det Danske Filminstitut
Technical info 750 meter, 35 mm, Normal, Black/white, Silent
Danish theatrical release 12.09.1910
Cinemas Kosmorama (København)
Danish rating Allowed for all


Executive Producer Kosmorama
Commissioned by Kosmorama
Domestic distribution Det Danske Filminstitut


Direction Urban Gad


Script Urban Gad


Executive producer Hjalmar Davidsen


Cinematography Alfred Lind


Choreography Anna Jeannette Tardini


Magda Vang Asta Nielsen
Peder Svane, præst Hans Neergaard
Klavereleven Jesta Nielsen
Præstekone Hulda Didrichsen
Knud Svane, præstesøn, ingeniør Robert Dinesen
Rudolph Stern, artist Poul Reumert
Lilly d'Estrelle, varietésangerinde Emilie Sannom
Opvarter i beværtningshave Oscar Stribolt
Gæst i beværtningshave Arne Weel
Gæst i beværtningshave Johannes Fønss
Appearance Torben Meyer

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